Re: gnome-core 0.99.2 tarball is useless - REMOVE IT THEN

Martin Baulig wrote:
> But as already mentioned, it was not ME making THIS tarball 

My bad if I made it directed at you; I realize you didn't make it.  I'm
screaming at A) the person who did, and B) the people maintianing gnome
web/ftp for not addressing it.

Hey, libgtop compiled fine. Want a new RPM? :-)

-rw-r--r--   1 troy     wheel      508292 Jan  8 08:08

I'd love to upload new stuff so that other peeps don't have to do what
I'm doing, but I need to get from A to Z through the process first to
make sure nothing was messed up.

PS: have a SPEC file handy for gtop 0.99.x?


Troy Engel
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