gnome-core 0.99.2 tarball is useless - REMOVE IT THEN


OK, so let me be an ashole for just *one* second.  I'm here, a newbie to
gnome, building the world with the latest, released tarballs (actually
converting them into RPMs on my end, so I could share them with the
world - you know, try and contribute back to the community. But that
aint gonna happen for .99.2).  I find it utterly astounding that:

A) you have a known, broken tarball that doesn't immediately compile and
you haven't pulled it from distro yet,

B) that nobody (ie the person who MADE the tarball) actually tries
simply compiling it, and

C) there's no mention of this major screwup on the gnome
FAQ/website/news section.

Now, I do realize we're all in development here and can generally expect
bugs, problems, and broken things. That's life.  But this is beyond
normal -- you just can't release something without testing it first, can
you?  Given the responses I've seen there's no way this could have
compiled any any platform, not just mine.

(sorry, but I'm pissed I wasted my time on something already known that
wasn't taken care of)


Martin Baulig wrote:
> All you need to do is remove the
>         applets/cpuload/properties.c
> line from po/ before compiling.
> This is already fixed in CVS - but the .tar.gz file was already made at this
> time and noone had the time to make a new one until now.

Troy Engel
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