Re: gnome-core 0.99.2 tarball is useless - REMOVE IT THEN

I'm sorry if my last mail seemed inpolite to you - that was not my intention.

It was not me who made this tarball and I also don't know who made it, but
I remember than Dr Mike from RedHat already wrote on the gnome-hackers list
that this tarball does not work and that whoever made it should make a new
one and make sure it really compiles.

Troy Engel <> writes:

> Martin,
> OK, so let me be an ashole for just *one* second.  I'm here, a newbie to
> gnome, building the world with the latest, released tarballs (actually
> converting them into RPMs on my end, so I could share them with the
> world - you know, try and contribute back to the community. But that
> aint gonna happen for .99.2).  I find it utterly astounding that:
> A) you have a known, broken tarball that doesn't immediately compile and
> you haven't pulled it from distro yet,

Since I'm not the maintainer of the GNOME ftp site - I CAN'T remove it
from there.

> B) that nobody (ie the person who MADE the tarball) actually tries
> simply compiling it, and
> C) there's no mention of this major screwup on the gnome
> FAQ/website/news section.
> Now, I do realize we're all in development here and can generally expect
> bugs, problems, and broken things. That's life.  But this is beyond
> normal -- you just can't release something without testing it first, can
> you?  Given the responses I've seen there's no way this could have
> compiled any any platform, not just mine.

I agree with you - whenever I make tarballs for LibGTop and GTop I always
test them before uploading them to my site.

But as already mentioned, it was not ME making THIS tarball ...


   Martin Baulig - Angewandte Mathematik - Universitaet Trier,

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