Re: Can't compile gnome-core-0.99.2


My three copies have problems from no applet dir to an applet/doc with only
a makefile in it
thats empty and a dir with no make file at all, three file's three different
structures, no of which
work, an I can't get to to get one from there so don't know if
it's broken too.

Troy Engel wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm new to gnome, but not the world. :)  My problem is that I can't get
> the latest tarball of gnome-core-0.99.2 to compile.  Here is the
> specific error:
> make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/gnome-core-0.99.2/po'
> make[2]: *** No rule to make target `../applets/cpuload/properties.c',
> needed by `gnome-core.pot'.  Stop.
> So, I started looking and maybe the only clue I have is this error from
> the configure script:
> checking for gnorba libraries... yes
> Unknown library `applets'
> (I verified this by running 'gnome-config -libs-only-l applets' and got
> a missing message)
> So, the real error might be that my gnome-libs-0.99.2 is somehow
> broken.  All the other libraries are present as checked for, it only
> seems to be 'applets' that's missing.  My gnome-libs-0.99.2 tarball DOES
> NOT have a subdir for /applets/, but it does for things like libgnome,
> libgnomui, etc etc.
> So, where do I look next?  I've installed all packages in order as
> listed by the FAQs, and everthing has been going well (the only problem
> is that ORBit runs 'ldconfig' assuming it's in your path, when in most
> redhat systems it's *not*, you should find it instead in /sbin/ldconfig
> - easy fix).  I've actually uninstalled all packages, then ran a rpm
> --rebuild on each SRPM one at a time, then installed it, and I get up to
> gnome-core and hit this brick wall.  So, I'm pretty assured it's
> "clean".  I'm building gnome-[libs|core]-0.99.2.i386.rpm from the SPEC
> file from 0.99.1 and just changing the header to be .2. beause there is
> no src.rpm on the gnome ftp site.
> Setup: P166MMX 96m RAM, Redhat 5.2 with all updates, glib/gtk 1.1.12,
> glibc6, icewm Xmanager (god I love icewm).  Basically it's all up to
> date and I rarely have any problems compiling anything.
> Thanks for any help anyone can give -- I'm baffled.
> -te
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