Can't compile gnome-core-0.99.2

Hi all,

I'm new to gnome, but not the world. :)  My problem is that I can't get
the latest tarball of gnome-core-0.99.2 to compile.  Here is the
specific error:

make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/gnome-core-0.99.2/po'
make[2]: *** No rule to make target `../applets/cpuload/properties.c',
needed by `gnome-core.pot'.  Stop.

So, I started looking and maybe the only clue I have is this error from
the configure script:

checking for gnorba libraries... yes
Unknown library `applets'

(I verified this by running 'gnome-config -libs-only-l applets' and got
a missing message)

So, the real error might be that my gnome-libs-0.99.2 is somehow
broken.  All the other libraries are present as checked for, it only
seems to be 'applets' that's missing.  My gnome-libs-0.99.2 tarball DOES
NOT have a subdir for /applets/, but it does for things like libgnome,
libgnomui, etc etc.

So, where do I look next?  I've installed all packages in order as
listed by the FAQs, and everthing has been going well (the only problem
is that ORBit runs 'ldconfig' assuming it's in your path, when in most
redhat systems it's *not*, you should find it instead in /sbin/ldconfig
- easy fix).  I've actually uninstalled all packages, then ran a rpm
--rebuild on each SRPM one at a time, then installed it, and I get up to
gnome-core and hit this brick wall.  So, I'm pretty assured it's
"clean".  I'm building gnome-[libs|core]-0.99.2.i386.rpm from the SPEC
file from 0.99.1 and just changing the header to be .2. beause there is
no src.rpm on the gnome ftp site.

Setup: P166MMX 96m RAM, Redhat 5.2 with all updates, glib/gtk 1.1.12,
glibc6, icewm Xmanager (god I love icewm).  Basically it's all up to
date and I rarely have any problems compiling anything.

Thanks for any help anyone can give -- I'm baffled.


Troy Engel
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