Re: esound and playing mp3's ?


> Is the fact that it doesn't work with everything esd's fault, or those apps'
> fault?  I'm not being snitty, here, this is an actual question I'd like
> enlightenment (pun intended) on.  If this is a temporary solution that works
> with all correctly-written OSS apps, that's a good thing.  Although it's still
> esd imposing its rules on the rest of the universe.

Come on now...  Be fair!!!

I am sure that Rasterman is aware of the (*current*) limitations of esd...

It would be good to remember that neither e nor gnome has had actually hit version
1 yet!!!

Installing and using these software is at your own risk.  Don't expect things to
work perfectly and correctly.  There's still a lot to debug and to *fully

Are you aware of the complexity of work that goes into the projects that Rasterman
is doing?  Do you know how much work Rasterman has done in such a short period of

I think not.

At least wait until the product is complete before beginning judgement.



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