Guile on DEBIAN Slink


Im having problems compiling gnome-guile and others because the configure
script says:
checking for guile-config... yes
checking whether guile-config works... yes
checking for sin in -lm... yes
checking for guile libraries... -L/usr/lib -lguile -lqthreads -ldl
-lreadline -lm
checking for guile headers... -I/usr/include
checking whether guile works... no
configure: error: Can not find Guile on this system

Im running a up to date DEBIAN Slink i386 ( on a K6 233).
I think Guile is installed:

$ guile --version
Guile 1.3
Copyright (c) 1995, 1996, 1997 Free Software Foundation
Guile may be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
certain other uses are permitted as well.  For details, see the file
`COPYING', which is included in the Guile distribution.
There is no warranty, to the extent permitted by law.

$ guile-config --version
guile-config - Guile version 1.3

Is 1.3 the right version? Which DEBs do I need?

Thanks, Martin.

| Martin Hawlisch                           |
| |

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