Suggestion: put .rpm & .deb packacking scripts in CVS

Hello folks

[...insert usual apology if this has been discussed before here...]

I've got a suggestion. Why not put the scripts for building RPMs and
DEBs into CVS? This would make building packages a no-brainer.

For example, add something like gnome-core/rpms and gnome-core/debs
which contain scripts to build everything in gnome-core and then package
it up. The Samba folks do it, and it's very convenient. Even if I build
from sources, I still like to use rpms, so I can keep track of what
files are where on my hard disk.

I'm somewhat green to the Linux environment, but if someone can give me
some scripts as a starting point, I'll volunteer to give it a shot if
no-one else wants to...



Richard Browne.

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