Re: gnome panel

> Be sure to try drive-mount.  I've had no trouble with the
> mailcheck/clock applet lately in a systematic way -- slightly flakey,
> but it just came up okay from the build I've made of the .99.2 tarballs.
> Drive mount (for my zip drive) is probably my third favorite applet and
> I'd like to have it back again (it was solid in 0.30).  I can live
> without the fish, but that's also suspect.

Drive-mount is giving me no multiple panels. Only thing I notice is that
I get two of them at once, and I noticed a third drive-mount appearing
after logging out and back in again.

Killing the panel and restarting it from the command line does still
seem to not give me multiple panels anymore. What I notice here is that
clock and mailcheck disappear after a second or two.

In general I'd like to remark that the panel, even when there are no
cascading problems, is somewhat forgetful about which applets were on
it at log out time. (But that might be related to the cascading problem of

> I'm using the lastest (?) icewm (compiled from the last release I've
> noticed posted to freshmeat), but haven't quite had the nerve to run
> gnome-session explicitly yet.

That's what I'm using as well. icewm-0.9.27 at the moment, but the
first time I noticed these problems was a couple of versions ago.
I might try to compile the latest E to see if things behave differently,
but I expect it's unrelated.

> -- 
> Rebecca Ore


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