Re: gnome panel

On Fri, Jan 08, 1999 at 08:33:03PM +0100, Ronald de Man wrote:
> With current CVS I can still produce the problem. The way the panel
> behaves at startup seems to be somewhat random, although I'm strongly
> suspecting the mailcheck/clock applet now. Running the panel from the
> commandline and not from gnome-session, the problem seems to be gone
> now.

Be sure to try drive-mount.  I've had no trouble with the
mailcheck/clock applet lately in a systematic way -- slightly flakey,
but it just came up okay from the build I've made of the .99.2 tarballs.
Drive mount (for my zip drive) is probably my third favorite applet and
I'd like to have it back again (it was solid in 0.30).  I can live
without the fish, but that's also suspect.

I'm using the lastest (?) icewm (compiled from the last release I've
noticed posted to freshmeat), but haven't quite had the nerve to run
gnome-session explicitly yet.

Rebecca Ore

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