Re: gnome panel

On Thu, Jan 07, 1999 at 01:21:11PM -0600, William Henstrom wrote:
> I too have had this problem as of recently.  I decided not to run the 
> clock also.  Upon bringing up the panel, I still got a cascade of panels.
> To me it appears that every applets wants to make it's own panel.  I get
> one applet per panel.  I have pretty much the same set up here except the 
> kernel is 2.0.35.

The applet that caused this problem for me was definitely the drive
mount applet.  I've got the other usual suspects happily on the panel
now: mini-commander, modem lights, clock/mailcheck.  Modem-lights and
the clock/mailcheck seem fragile, but don't make the problems that the
drive mount applet makes.

At least I got libgtop and gtop built so I could seek and kill the
surplus panels.  I was also getting a ghost panel, with no icons and no
responsiveness to kill -9.  Gtop revealed a number of instances of panel
running.  Seems like while the drive mount would load as a double
applet, attempts to bring it back would cause a flood of message about
being unable to load applet and continued attempts to load applet when
running panel from a shell.  I stopped trying for gnome-core 0.99.2.
For me, it's a very replicatable bug -- and everything is pretty much

But I'm getting the feeling we tarballistas are drifting away from imlib
and ORbit which don't seem to have been updated in tarballs lately, if
they have been in cvs.

Off-topic: Newsweek will have a lead technology article on Open Source
with an interview with Eric Raymond on Monday.  Eric spoke at the local
Linux users group.  The Newsweek reporter also interviewed a couple of
Netaxs employees and former employees, who may not make the editor's

Rebecca Ore
Creativity is playing with the rule sets

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