Re: litlle hint with gmc

>From: Philippe Moutarlier <>

>I remarked other people had this pb. I destroyed my old .gnome/ directory and 
>started from scratch : now it goes !

Well, (still on Solaris) I just removed my ~/.gmc, ~/.mc and ~/.gnome 
directories, restarted and rebuilt my panel, and gmc still gives me a SEGV at:

0  0x6f604 in re_match_2_internal (bufp=0xffbee808, string1=0x0, size1=0, 
    string2=0x1830a0 ".ICEauthority", size2=13, pos=0, regs=0x0, stop=13)
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
    at regex.c:3679
3679          regstart[mcnt] = regend[mcnt] 

(.ICEauthority is the first file in this directory).

Sorry I'm not good at good news =OZ


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