newbie's (stupid?) questions

Hello to everybody,

I have hust a couple of questions, I have tried to find the answer using
the archive but I haven't succeeded  completely. Here are the questions:

I was trying to compile gnome according the FAQ but I had some troubles
with making /intl e /po in gnome-libs, with the help of the archive I have
understood that I can get the module intl from the cvs repository, then I
guessed that I can link or copy it into gnome-lib /intl. This works.
But is it right? And what about /po?  

I have previosuly installed gnome in /usr/local but then I have changed my
mind an I have decidet to use /opt/gnome. I have made distclean and
eliminated all .deps dierctories. But now when I run the panel it
complains that Gimlib cannot find /usr/local/etc/palette. I have linked
/opt/gnome/etc/palette with it and the panel works. Now the question is
whether it is my fault since I have not cleaned the imlib module well
enough  and in this case what can I have forgotten.

I hope someone is willing to waste sometime to answer.

	Igor Pesando 

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