Re: ORBit 0.3.91

In message <199901061627.QAA20488@cby-wts>, "Mark R. Bowyer" writes:
| He was, however, wrong.  Solaris indent causes other problems, and I'd spent 
| a 
| few minutes installing GNU indent 1.9.1 to surmount *those* for a previous bu
| ild 
| of ORBit that went successfully.  My current problems are directly due to the

Building on 2.6 is another thing I don't have much time for at present (later 
releases of Solaris are out of the question so long as the professors demand 
to run suftware that isn't certified to work on them).  I've been building 
ORBit for the past few months on 2.5.1 and only the indent issue has been 

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