Re: ORBit 0.3.91

>From: Bertrand Guiheneuf <>
> said:
>// You have Workshop installed, right?  ORBit's configure is
>// too stupid to not | > that you have indent but it's not GNU indent ---
>// so it invokes indent with  
>// Instead of just slagging it off, you could
>// contribute a patch | that knows the difference between
>// GNU indent and Solaris indent.
>// It's on my list.  You'll pardon me if GNOME isn't the most important
>// thing for  me to deal with...? 
>This does not prevent you from being polite.

No, but his being a SysAdmin does...  ;O)

I have to say that I don't think he was rude, and we was talking to me.  But 
then I was a sysadmin for 6 years, back in my youth.

He was, however, wrong.  Solaris indent causes other problems, and I'd spent a 
few minutes installing GNU indent 1.9.1 to surmount *those* for a previous build 
of ORBit that went successfully.  My current problems are directly due to the 
new orbit-idl executable being unable to parse any *.idl files once built =O(


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