Re: gnome panel

I can make this happen with the latest everything when I have clock applet on my
panel. Without clock applet, I have not had this problem.


On 06-Jan-99 George wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 06, 1999 at 02:59:52AM +0100, Ronald de Man wrote:
>> I have found that having lots of applets in the panel can cause a cascade
>> of panels at startup. I'm not sure whether it's a crashing applet that's
>> causing this or something else. Don't know if this is related, and sorry
>> for being this vague. When I find time I will check if I can still get
>> this explosion of panels and which applet might be guilty of it. It was
>> happening both when the panel was launched through gnome-session, as well
>> as when it was started up from the command line.
> that's the same problem ...
> hmmmm .... can you tell us what system you're running, what versions of gnome
> and other libs, etc? ....
> George
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