Re: ORBit 0.3.91

>From: "Brandon S. Allbery" <>
>In message <199901061221.MAA23718@cby-wts>, "Mark R. Bowyer" writes:
>| markbo@moredhel/home/markbo/GNOME/ORBit-0.3.91/src/daemons/interface_reposito
>| ry 
>| 140 ]gmake
>| ../../../src/idl-compiler/orbit-idl interface_repository.idl
>| Error: syntax error
>You have Workshop installed, right?  ORBit's configure is too stupid to notice 
>that you have indent but it's not GNU indent --- so it invokes indent with 
>options that it doesn't accept and the output is garbage.
>The workaround is to install GNU indent earlier in your PATH, or to configure 
>ORBit with --disable-indent.

Nice in theory, wrong in practice =O(

If you don't have GNU indent installed, you simply don't even get *this* far.  
So I *do* have it installed, and earlier on my path:

  markbo@moredhel/home/markbo/GNOME/gnome-utils-0.99.1 25 ]indent --version
  GNU indent 1.9.1
It was with this that I successfully built the previous release.
Sorry, and thanks for trying ;O)

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