Re: gnome cvs

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, "Momchil \"Velco\" Velikov" wrote:
> Gleef wrote:
> > The GNOME_STABLE tag is being temporarily abandoned, due to syncronization
> > problems.  During the feature freeze, everything is going in HEAD.  When
> > GNOME v1.0 is released, the GNOME_STABLE tag will reappear, and HEAD will
> > become the GNOME development branch (similar concept to the GTK 1.1
> > development branch).
> And how about ORBit FOR_PANEL tag ?

As far as I know, that's still an important tag.  ORBit development is
handled a bit differently than gnome-libs.  From what I can tell, they
dump everything into HEAD.  When Panel needs a new feature, or if they
feel like doing a release, they do a bunch of testing, and just move the
FOR_PANEL tag up to the test point.  FOR_PANEL is not a branch in the way
GNOME_STABLE was intended to be, it's merely a placeholder for where
everything has been checked out.


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