Hello, I've been bored at work lately so I've been working on a gnome
SysV Manager.  Currently it can manage running services, move things
around different run levels (in theory), and assembles the commands it
would like to run, although I don't currently have it run them (I
don't want to break my machine! :).  If nobody speaks up and says
"STOP" in a commanding voice in the next day or so, I'm going to
commit it to gnome-admin.  I have a few questions, though, and any
help, or, in the near future, hacking on code would be cool.

- Is there a nice happy way to handle gnome applications that are
  only truly useful if you are root?  Currently, it just spits little
  sarcastic messages at non-root users.

- Ick, is there a nice way to do drag & drop with clists?  Is there
  anyone experienced enough in doing this to help me?

Ian Peters		``Never attribute to malice what can be explained			by stupidity'' -- Hanlon's Razor

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