Re: gtkrc.$localevalue patch

Owen Taylor <> writes:

> Well, this logic has already been implemented in GTK+ - 
> it is used for the RC files in the default locations:

Good.  Then where can I put a gtkrc.ko file in the GTK+ tree ?

>  $sysconfdir/gtk/gtkrc
>  ~/.gtkrc
> and additionally, for any RC files added with
> gtk_rc_add_default_file(). So, GNOME could
> just use gtk_rc_add_default_file().
> (On a related topic, should we "deprecate" ~/.gnome/gtkrc
>  now that all GTK+ programs look at ~/.gtkrc by 
>  default?)

But even non-gnome programs will parse gnome related configurations..
I prefer to have another gtkrc for all gnome programs.

Changwoo Ryu

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