Re: Busy-cursor?

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Marcus Brubaker wrote:

>On 4 Jan 1999, Alan Shutko wrote:
>> >>>>> "M" == Marcus Brubaker <> writes:
>> M> I think a better idea than this would be a small panel applet to
>> M> show disk access and perhaps CPU load.
>> But that wouldn't necessarily mean the same thing.  The point of the
>> busy-cursor thing, as I understood it, was that it would show that
>> there's an app launched from the panel that's on its way, so don't
>> keep clicking on it.  
>Ideally, all apps that take longer than a few seconds, on average, to load
>should use splash screens.  While I'm not entirely opposed to the cursor
>idea, I really don't think it is the best solution.

I've got to disagree with that one ... unless they're all configuration to
turn to splash screen off.  all it does for me is get in the way of
whatever else i'm doing while waiting for the program to load.

and it might be argued that they lead to program bloat since it becomes
more acceptable for software to take longer to load.  



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