Re: Busy-cursor?

>I do MFC programming for my job. The busy cursors are the
>responsibilities of the applications.

But in our case, I don't think this is a good idea, since no programs has
this function. Is the execution of an application started before it is
completly loaded from disk? 

Anyway, I've made an *very ugly* wrapper-script to show what a mean. It
doesn't change the cursor of the panel, and the cursor should be a
combined pointer-hourglass, not a watch. More on, this script takes a lot
of resources, thus increasing the time to start an application :-) 


xsetroot -cursor_name watch
ORGNUM=$(xlsclients | wc -l)
ORGNUM=$(expr $ORGNUM + 1)

"$@" &

while expr $NEWNUM '<' $ORGNUM > /dev/null ; do
  NEWNUM=$(xlsclients | wc -l)
  usleep 400000

xsetroot -cursor_name X_cursor

Peter Åstrand <>,
Master of Computerscience and Engineering student at Linköping University

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