Re: gwp-0.3 released

On Mon, Jan 04, 1999 at 01:43:56PM -0800, Seth Alves scribbled:
> Hi. is
> available for downloading.  Gwp is a word processor which
> works with the gnome desktop.  I'm making a snapshot release
> in the hopes of soliciting some feedback.  I'm interested
> in ways to crash it, UI issues, what people think should
> be done next, etc.

  I don't have the tarball, but in the latest CVS (from a few minutes ago),
the following procedure will crash gwp:

(a) start the program
(b) Select "new document" from the menu or click the "New" toolbar button
(c) Click "Ok" in the dialog box asking you to choose a file type
(d) gwp crashes with a GDK BadWindow error.

Gdk-ERROR **: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
serial 3516 error_code 3 request_code 61 minor_code 0

  Haven't gotten around to fiddling in gdb..maybe it's just my setup that's
funny.  (but everything's CVS from the last 24 hours or so)

  Hope this helps, I want gwp by the time I have to write my next paper.. :-)

  Daniel Burrows

  Nothing is hopeless.

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(d) Therefore, nothing is hopeless.  QED.

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