Re: newcomer Bug Reports

> Can anyone point out the preferred way to document bugs for submission to
> the list?  I do not want to clutter the list with useless information.  At
> present I notice a lot of 'strange behaviors' which I could describe, but I
> don't know how useful that would be to a developer.

Well, in general you want to send bug reports to the authors of what ever
program you are having problems with.  If it's gnome-core or gnomecc or
something similar, or you don't know the author, just send it to this list
and it will probably get to the right people.

>  A quick description of how to generate a stack trace would be very
> helpful.  I know to run 'gdb appname' and then type 'run' at the gdb
> prompt to run the app.  After that, I don't know what to do. 

While running gdb, when it crashes, type "backtrace" and it will spew some
stuff at you.  That is what you need to send developers along with a full
description of what it was you were doing.

> Adding a new launcher to the panel, when I click the 'No Icon' button, the
> icon browser starts loading, but quits before the progress bar reaches
> completion, and then the panel quits.

Hmmm, are you running the packaged version or are you running from CVS?
It works fine for me from CVS.

> In gnomecc, under the Enlightenment tree, no controls appear in any of the E
> applets.  I think this feature was working under gnome 0.99.0.

*coughrastercough*:) There have been some changes to gnomecc and/or E
that haven't been reflected in the e-conf capplet.

> I have problems preserving my panel configuration.  Often after a crash I
> will restart X only to find a bare-bones panel (i.e. foot menu and a few
> launcher icons).  Is there a way to save the panel configuration for later
> restoration?

Under normal exit conditions, it should save fine.  If it crashes, who
knows whats going to happen to it.

Marcus Brubaker

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