Re: newcomer Bug Reports

Marcus Brubaker wrote:
> I have problems preserving my panel configuration.  Often after a crash I

> > will restart X only to find a bare-bones panel (i.e. foot menu and a few
> > launcher icons).  Is there a way to save the panel configuration for later
> > restoration?
> Under normal exit conditions, it should save fine.  If it crashes, who
> knows whats going to happen to it.

Why not have the option to do force the update?  I know this has peeved me off
enough that I'll log out of the panel and then restart it from a terminal, which
isn't ideal.  Could do it as a right-click option on the panel? (Save panel

While I'm here -- and I'm sorry if this has already been said (I've only been on
the list for a week) but I recently upgraded from 0.3 gnome to 0.99 using RPMs
(and a lot of --nodeps!).
I no longer have the disk space monitor and the cpu load monitor on the panel
(this was taken out intentionally?  they were really good)

Also beloved mahjongg doesn't work--"Could not find file
'/usr/share/pixmaps/mahjongg/seta.xpm'", and it's true, it's not there.  This is
quite possibly an RPM issue, I used:
Name: gnome-games                 Distribution: (none)
Version: 0.99.0                            Vendor: (none)
Release: 1                             Build Date: Thu 17 Dec 1998 05:21:32
(I generally chose the non-rawhide RPM versions from, packaged by
Marc Ewing)

I downloaded the gnome-games source,and there is no seta.xpm there either.
I still haven't figured out what an xpm is yet, sorry.


Charlie Younghusband

Charlie Younghusband
Systems Programmer, Xiphos Technologies

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