newcomer Bug Reports

Hello All,
As a new-comer to gnome, I am astonished at how great my desktop looks
running gnome and E.15.  I am not a programmer, but I am very excited about
this project and would like to contribute what I can in the form of

Can anyone point out the preferred way to document bugs for submission to
the list?  I do not want to clutter the list with useless information.  At
present I notice a lot of 'strange behaviors' which I could describe, but I
don't know how useful that would be to a developer.  A quick description of
how to generate a stack trace would be very helpful.  I know to run 'gdb
appname' and then type 'run' at the gdb prompt to run the app.  After that,
I don't know what to do.  

Some 'strange behaviors' I have experienced so far in Gnome 0.99.1:

Adding a new launcher to the panel, when I click the 'No Icon' button, the
icon browser starts loading, but quits before the progress bar reaches
completion, and then the panel quits.

In gnomecc, under the Enlightenment tree, no controls appear in any of the E
applets.  I think this feature was working under gnome 0.99.0.

I have problems preserving my panel configuration.  Often after a crash I
will restart X only to find a bare-bones panel (i.e. foot menu and a few
launcher icons).  Is there a way to save the panel configuration for later

In the Gnome Pager applet, when clicking a button for a task that is running
in another desktop, sometimes it takes me to that desktop, and other times
it just raises the application window in that desktop, but I still stay in
my current desktop.  I haven't been able to find a consistent pattern to


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