Re: SEGV whenever I try to run GNOME 0.99.1 apps.

On 04 January, 1999 - Mark R. Bowyer sent me these 5.5K bytes:

> (gdb) where
> #0  0x0 in ?? ()
> #1  0xfeb77918 in XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback ()
> #2  0xfebccfe8 in gdk_im_open () at gdkim.c:391

I have a similar problem with Solaris 2.6, but for me XReg..Callback
returns False instead of True (which gdk/gtk does not check for..),
which causes stuff to break that assumes it all went ok.

I am working on getting the source for Solaris (libX11) to find out why
it behaves like it does... if anyone have access to it, I'd appreciate

One (temporary) workaround is to configure gdk/gtk with --disable-xim

Tomas ÷gren,,
|- Student of Computer Science at the University of UmeŚ
`- Sysadmin at {ing,acc}

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