Re: gnome-mime.c patch

On Fri, 1 Jan 1999 19:11:42 -0500 (EST), Chris Rogers <> wrote:
>I happen to be working on something that uses mimetypes, and noticed a
>FIXME in gnome-mime.c  The gnome_mime_type_or_default_of_file was supposed
>to be checking with gnome-magic

No it wasn't (I apologize for leaving the FIXME there :) Magic scanning is
rather slow compared to extension scanning, so it should be done explicitly
by apps. Tom Tromey had another reason for not doing this which I forgot.

On a side note, the gnome-libs/gnome-data/mime-magic file is not completely
converted yet to output MIME types - if anyone is looking for an easy task
that just requires a brain and time, this is it.

-- Elliot
"In film you will find four basic story lines. Man versus man, man
 versus nature, nature versus nature, and dog versus vampire."
    - Steven Spielberg

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