gnome-mime.c patch

I happen to be working on something that uses mimetypes, and noticed a
FIXME in gnome-mime.c  The gnome_mime_type_or_default_of_file was supposed
to be checking with gnome-magic but was not, I made it so that it did.

Anyways, here is (hopefully) a patch.  I tested it, and
gnome_mime_type_or_default_of_file will give you the correct type even if
the extension is wrong, or if the file is empty.  I am kinda new to all of
this, do with it as you please.


--- gnome-mime.c.old    Fri Jan  1 18:36:27 1999
+++ gnome-mime.c        Fri Jan  1 18:50:20 1999
@@ -272,7 +272,13 @@
 gchar *
 gnome_mime_type_or_default_of_file (char *existing_filename, gchar *defaultv)
-       /* FIXME: Hook gnome-magic here */
+       gchar *tmpmime = NULL;
+       /*Try magic first*/
+       tmpmime = gnome_mime_type_from_magic(existing_filename);
+       if (tmpmime != NULL) return tmpmime;
+       /*otherwise use file extensions*/
        return gnome_mime_type_or_default (existing_filename, defaultv);

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