Re: Making Aspell a CORBA Component

> If you think it is a good idea I will look into developing an interface.

I would personally like to see more of this kind of thing.  Many
utilities are just that.  This might be a way to transfer the piping
capabilities to a gui -- allow a program to process data through a
series of CORBA objects.  Of course, that makes me wish for a program
that would present the user with all the current CORBA objects and draw
pipes/switches between them to produce something akin to command line

Another benefit from this type of programming is the ability to upgrade
the spell checker (or any other such object) without waiting for the
application developer.  Of course, the interface would need to be
standard for each component type.

In the mean time, I need to find out what exactly CORBA is -- its API,
etc. (I have a basic idea)
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