Learning CORBA

If you (or anyone else here intending to learn about CORBA) are
interested, I found a book on CORBA that I think is good. "The CORBA
Reference Guide" by Alan Pope, published by Addison-Wesley, 1998. It's
also one of the only CORBA books I found that related anything to C
programmers. Almost everything out there assumes that you'll be using Java
or C++.

I think it's a good book so far, although I'm not quite finished with it
yet (I've got to read biographies on Johannes Brahms and Dmitri
Shostakovich for some music classes first!). =)  I think it is useful for
those who want to understand some of GNOME's foundations better (like

  Happy Gnoming,
     Cody (bratsche@dfw.net)

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, James Smith wrote:

> In the mean time, I need to find out what exactly CORBA is -- its API,
> etc. (I have a basic idea)
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