Re: Esd and network writes:
> ->  Another suggestion: 
> ->  
> ->  So that network playing of all kinds of audio becomes real transparent why
> ->  not make it possible to do an esd config option that would open a  "false"
> ->  esd listening on the normal port. This way all the apps using esd would
> ->  behave exactly the same but esd would transparently route all the trafic
> ->  to another esd on the other machine. This way we wouldn't need to do any
> ->  changes to apps to make it play audio in another machine.
> much simpler
> export ESPEAKER=""
>:) just like X's DISPLAY variable.
> You'd be surprised what esd can do :)

Does ESPEAKER take a 'display' ala X? i.e. when tunneling esd, you can
wind up with user X ssh'd to A, and then from there ssh'd to
B. ESPEAKER on B should be pointing to 'A' but on a different port so
it can be picked up, and tunnelled back to the original machine.

The ssh X tunneling uses multiple displays to handle this. Is there
such a thing for esd? or is the port fixed?


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