Re: ESD hangs

Andrew Clausen wrote:
> Jesse D. Sightler wrote:
> > Speaking of ESD Complaints, does anyone know why ESD is suid root?  On
> > my system if I execute it as ANY user, it makes a few noises and then
> > the whole system just crashes.  :(
> Mine used to do that, but I can't remember why.   How old's your version?

Ok, I just looked at the binary again and discovered it wasn't suid
after all.  :)  However, using the version from December 30 anoncvs
still causes a firm system crash after 2 or 3 beeps.  This is with a
ESS1868 sound card and RedHat 5.2 (Kernel 2.0.36).

Jesse D. Sightler

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