Re: UI Rantings [was: Re: gmc and file-selection mockups]

"James M. Cape" wrote:

> > Ok, then should there be context sensitive menu's associated with files
> > at all?
> From the Open/Save Dialogs? Not in my opinion. A redesign of them is
> inevitable to deal with things like sort methods, date/time displays,
> etc. I just want to make sure it doesn't get blown way out of
> proportion. :-)

Ok, so then do you believe that open/save dialogs should have an icon
view?  Because if they do, I would imagine that many users will find the
lack of context menus counterintuitive.

> My appologies for the flamage that I've been spewing forth onto the list
> as of the last few days. There isn't really an excuse for it, other than
> there are some things I am passionate about, good user interface design
> being one of them.

No problem here, I didn't really take anything from you as an "flame". 
Just a firm stance on a belief.  :)

> As for the "what makes our philosophies differ" question, I believe that
> your design ideas stem from a "what does the uber-advanced user want"
> perspective, whereas mine stem from the "only seven items at a time so
> as not to confuse the new users" camp. Different approaches to the same
> problem. Both solve them, it's just a matter of who is the program
> designed for.

Then how do you propose that we provide for the needs of both users?
Jesse D. Sightler

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