RE: GNOME registry

Please take a look at this.  JNDI already encapsulates and
abstracts most of the functionality desires being batted
back and forth in this discussion, and it has the weight of
heavy industry support behind it.

At the least it should give you a very clear blueprint for
what such a directory service abstraction API should look
like.  If we can accept a Java Runtime Environment requirement,
then JNDI, Java IDL CORBA bindings and RMI/IIOP give us a very 
big start on a GNOME registry.  If the JRE requirement is a 
deal breaker, then I would suggest that a native code Gnome 
library closely follow JNDI, perhaps even to the point of 
allowing it to be used as a native code Java Extension --

Mark Hamstra
Bentley Systems, Inc.

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