RE: GNOME registry

At 09:20 31.12.98 -0800, you wrote:
>I think you misunderstand. Thats what I tryed to say.
>The only reason the actual file exists on the hard drive is so the library
>can tell what method of saving the config data. The program dosnt do it. The
>library does. PAM does the same thing.
>The program should have no idea what form the data is being saved in, just
>that it is actually being saved.

I think that would be the best solution. But the problem is that most (all)
of the programs would have to be converted to use the library. If only few
programs used the central registry, it wouldn't be of much use. Therefore
the API should make the conversion easy. Unfortunately I have no idea how
this could be done because every config file has it's own format.
Such a library would be wonderful if all programs used it. It is very
important that the library should offer the possibility to store the data
in text files (maybe with an appropriate directory structure).

just my thoughts

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