Re: config library

I like these ideas, but I think that they are
fairly "gnome-only". If we are going to spend
the time doing this, I would like to write a library
that can be used for Linux overall. 

I don't like the base idea. I don't like the
fact that it seems inherintly tied to the 

*DUH* I didn't think about commits. 

I like the API itself. I like the feel of
the API.  

In general, I think that we are doing the Linux
community a _huge_ disservice, if we implement
another text based configuration scheme. 

Plus, the scheme that is proposed above would 
allow for a universal configuration application, 
regardless of what the application is. 

Anyways, you guys can tell me to go off someplace
with these ideas, but I think we have to be more radical. 
I think the _sole_ reason NT even is considered in the 
same breath as linux is the difficulty in understanding
the diverse configuration. 

(note again, I have no problems in the API, but in the ideas
that we limit ourselves to the filesystem. The rest of the
will speak in directories, and I propose that we do too). 

The XML definition of a data set would allow any application, 
even if it is written 10 years after the control panel is released
configurability in the control panel. This seems to me good.

Then again, I am just a wenie CS major.

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