Re: DCgettext for libgtop?

James Henstridge <> writes:

> dc is the `desk calculator', which allows you to perform arbitrary
> precission arithmetic.  The bit about redhat users wanting the bc package
> is because the GNU version of dc comes with bc (which is a higher level
> calculator program that runs on top of dc).

Thanks for answering this person. Since libgtop already requires a working
perl interpreter it's my plan to get rid of that `dc' dependency after
the release and use perl to do the calculations, but that something that
must be done after the release.

> So you should check if your slackware dist contains the bc package, and if
> not, grab it from your closest mirror.
> BTW, most people on gnome-list prefer text mail.

... and multipart messages are often harder to read than "normal"
text mail.

Martin Baulig - -

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