Re: Question about aclocal

On Sex, 26 Fev 1999 20:09:35 Kirby Baker wrote:
> I have to admit that I may have missed it, but I have to ask.  What exactly
> is the best method to handle the aclocal messages?  Now I understand this
> varies upon platform, so lets take mine (not to be selfish):  Redhat 5.2
> i386 (installed everything), gnome from CVS, installing to /opt/gnome.  I
> ran into a huge problem last night, when I got the "bright idea" to rm the
> duplicate .m4 files from /usr/share/aclocal that match up in name to those
> in /opt/gnome/share/aclocal.  needless to say, things are really broken now.
> gnome-objc just wont compile (using old sources from CVS that had previously
> compiled, and this was the only change.)  I also recall seeing some posts to
> the list about /usr/local/share/aclocal, but I dont recall seeing that on my
> system.  I have tried to export the flag for ACLOCAL_whatever, then I get
> the warning about duplicate (i know, just warnings) which led to my "bright
> idea".  I've also tried to just run 'aclocal -I /opt/gnome/share/aclocal'
> inside each source directory before autogen'ing.  Would it just be better to
> symlink /opt/gnome/share to /usr/share? or does this cause even more
> problems?
> also, I am a bit confused as to what the correct order of installation is.
> I have some old info from Soren's page regarding build order, and the
> current howto info doesnt quite match up, not to mention that when I follow
> the most up-to-date instructions in the FAQ (yes I have read it) I get
> problems after doing libIDL in step #2.  Should that really be there?  I am
> at work right now, but I recall seeing a libIDL subdir in either imlib or
> ORBit?

I solved *all* my problems with aclocal by removing
/usr/local/share/aclocal and replacing it with a symlink to
/usr/share/aclocal. (My install prefix is /usr/local put you can do the
same with /opt/gnome)

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