Gnomers at LinuxWorld Expo

Hello Gnomers,

   A bunch of GNOME hackers will be at the LinuxWorld Expo in San
Josť, California next week.  We hope to get together to discuss the
future hacking of GNOME.

   Join us!  

   We know that at least the following hackers will be there:

   Chris Lahey, go hacker, GnomePrint hacker
   DrMike, Help browser hacker.  
   Federico Mena, Gnome Canvas Canvas
   George Lebl: Panel and Acthung! hacker.
   Jonathan, Solitaire, Control Center and GMC GUI hacker.
   Owen Taylor, GTK+ maintainer, hacker and source of wisdom.
   Raph Levien, GnomePrint, GnomeCanvas, LibHNJ hacker, Libart_LGPL
   me, main carrot lover and bonobo fetish.

   We sure hope to have a great time, so come and join us to our
various activities.  George will be doing a tutorial on GNOME
programming;  I will be doing a talk on the status of the project and
Raph will be telling us all about the internals of the new Canvas.

best wishes,

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