Re: The State of GNOME

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Tomislav Vujec wrote:
> On the other hand why 1.0.0 release of gnome doesn't have to include all
> of the cvs packages. gnome-libs, and gnome-core are the ones which are
> pretty close to release, on the other hand gwp and achtung, for example,
> should stay out of release till at least 1.2 IMHO.

gwp/achtung/etc. are all on their own release schedule, they will never be
part of a "Gnome" release. (Though the authors may choose to coincide a
release with a Gnome release, if they see fit.)

This is really true of gnome-utils, etc. also, though up to now gnome-libs
has been changing often so everything gets released in sync. After 1.0
gnome-libs will be stable, so gnome-core, gnome-utils, etc. can have their
own release schedule separate from gnome-libs. Then a "Gnome" release will
pretty much just mean gnome-libs.

This is nice because gnome-libs is very solid right now and should stay
that way for the next 9 months at least, but it would be good to have
updated gmc, control center, panel, etc. in a shorter timeframe.

This will be a big relief to all the Gnome developers and users, because
keeping all this stuff in sync is kind of difficult. 


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