Re: The State of GNOME

Albert Strasheim wrote:
> I'm running the most recent version of GNOME [RPM-wise, at least], on a
> Red Hat 5.2 system with Linux 2.2.2.


Just for a brief reply, gnome depends on many libraries which are
currently in developement. If you take a little bit of effort, and
compile gnome from cvs, with right dependencies, you can get pretty
stable system, without too much tweaking, and you can even help to fix
the bugs. CVS rpm's and deb's at this stage is a nothing than a very,
very bad idea at all. Most of the bugs are in wrong dependencies, and
immature libraries on base system.

On the other hand why 1.0.0 release of gnome doesn't have to include all
of the cvs packages. gnome-libs, and gnome-core are the ones which are
pretty close to release, on the other hand gwp and achtung, for example,
should stay out of release till at least 1.2 IMHO.


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