Re: Can you be free and non-copyleft at the same time?

Can we please take this discussion off the gnome-list?  This list has
enough volume as it is.

Wayne Schuller wrote:
> hi all,
> >Maybe there should be a licence between the LGPL and the GPL that
> >allows free software to link to it only; ie if the license is anything
> >up to as loose as BSD.  Then somehow make it a license violation to
> >make the linked code non-free.
> No the whole point is that the BSD licence isn't good enough. If it's not
> copylefted, how can it really be free?
> I think this is why Miguel posted examples of the abuse that happens to the
> BSD/X licenses because they are not copylefted (ie: free).
> BSD people are very nice, but if they want to license there system in a
> non-free way which opens them to exploitation, why should free projects
> such as ours bend over backwards to support them?  We honestly don't need
> them (or proprietry vendors)... the goal is to get a fully GPL'ed desktop
> enviroment.  The only question now is how many years (or less) do we leave
> everything LGPLed before it moves over to GPL?
> ta,
> wayne.
> ps: sorry this is getting way of topic... everyone go read the articles on
> etc
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Until later: Geoffrey

You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????

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