RE: Panel/Session Deja Vu

Well, the problem is that there are still bugs in gnome that causes it to
crash. If it didn't crash then the problem wouldnt exist. Take into acount
that it is not gnome 1.0 yet and when everything stableizes this problem
will no longer exist. 

One option you can use right now is to stop using gnome-session if it is
causing you problems and load the panel and whatever else by hand or in your

It seems like the session management was setup that way to allow for more
then 1 X login by a user. It happens. 

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> I have a question about using the session manager to call the panel.
> It seems that the SM maintains different panel configurations in the
> ~/.gnome/panel.d directory. While this seems powerful at first glance,
> I am beginning to wonder why this would be done...perhaps for
> cuncurrent logins by the same person on different terminals ?
> My problem is this: 
> If strange things happen to the the gnome-session configuration,say
> due to a crash for instance, the panel starts with a different
> configuration the next time.  Currently, 5 different configs have
> collected in my panel.d directory.  Sometimes it starts with the
> "out-of-the-box" edge panel, other times it corresponds to the
> "default" directory with settings I was using a month ago.  It seems
> the "default" is used outside of the session manager, which is how I
> originally set up my panel.
> Given Gnome's philosophy of having independently useful tools, I find
> it somewhat irksome that the setup is so sensitive to how I start the
> panel.  My fix now is to go in and manually edit the "session" file to
> point it at the correct panel config again.  I'm not about to complain
> that this is difficult , but it seems like the new/average user will
> lose faith quickly when their custom panel setup disappears/re-appears
> or is otherwise altered without their consent.
> Can someone enlighten me here ?
> thanks,
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