Re: Typing dir name in a file open dialog ...

Yes you are doing something wrong :)

Rather than following windows conventions here where pressing enter for a
directory displays its contents, the GTK file dialog uses tab completion.

Try typing "/opt/gnome<tab>" into the dialog (where <tab> is the tab key).
It also has some other nice features.  For instance typing
"/usr/share/pixmaps/g<tab>" will only display files starting with g and
"*.png<tab>" will only display .png files in the current directory.  As
you can see, this is very powerful.  Maybe it just needs to be documented

James Henstridge.


On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Gerald Gutierrez wrote:

> Last time I checked I still couldn't do this. Perhaps someone can tell me why.
> When I pop up an open file box in some GNOME application and I type in a
> directory name, it tells me that it errored trying to open the "file"
> instead of going to that directory and displaying its contents so that I
> can choose a file there. I hope this isn't an attempt to force people to
> navigate directories solely through the GUI.
> Am I just not using it "correctly" or is this feature really missing?
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