Re: build failure : ORBit

On Sat, 13 Feb 1999, Michael Hall wrote:

>>  The undefined symbols (3) I got are all found in /usr/lib/libwrap.a,
>> which is detected by configure, but the build fails all the same.
>  Hmm, I also use tcpwrappers and haven't touched it in quite sometime,
>the version I compiled/installed was 'tcp_wrappers_7.6.tar.gz' and I
>haven't recompiled it with glibc-2.1 or anything and it hasn't given
>me any problems and I've compiled a couple of programs against it since
>I upgraded to glibc-2.1. I just read another message here on the list
>regarding the same thing suggesting maybe recompiling 'tcp_wrappers'
>might help, he was referring to Debian systems (I'm running a highly
>modified Slackware here, maybe thats why I don't see the problem here ?).

I read the message you mentioned and recompiled tcp_wrappers_7.6 to see.
One of the undefined symbols (ie, 'yp_get_default_domain') now gets
resolved but the two others (allow_severity, deny_severity)  persist. In
that, my problem seems to be different from that of others.

I compiled tcp_wrappers_7.6 against glibc 2.0.?. My system is based on

I simply renamed libwrap.a so that configure wouldn't detect it. Are the
features provided by libwrap.a indispensable for running gnome ? 


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