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 I am very intersted to know :

   Where ind a binnary distribution of all binari 
rpm to 0.99.5 for installing it from scratch. Each time I try 
to install gnome I need some files not installed in my computer.

   What language support gnome desktop. Is there
asiatic language, and for these specific language what is needed
more, if there are an Input method (for type asiatic word)

  Thanks for your answer.

Gilles Noyer.
begin:          vcard
fn:             Gilles Noyer
n:              Noyer;Gilles
org:            Lectra Systèmes
adr:            ZI Marticot;;;Cestas;;33611;FRANCE
title:          Ingenieur systèmes
tel;work:       +33 (0) 5 57 97 81 60 
x-mozilla-cpt:  ;0
x-mozilla-html: FALSE
version:        2.1
end:            vcard

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