Re: [rms gnu org: Why you shouldn't use the Library GPL for yournext library]

I do hope that this does not change GNOME's use of the LGPL.  As I recall,
the use of the LGPL in favor of the GPL was for the reasons that Stallman
said we shouldn't use the LGPL.  We *want* commercial software providers
to integrate their apps with GNOME and they won't do that (right now at
least) if they have to release their source.  It's just not worth it for
them right now.  Hopefully in the future, when GNOME, and OSS seat
themselves further in the computer industry and have a little weight to
throw around with commercial software providers, we can release all of our
libs under the GPL instead of the LGPL, but right now I think it is more
adventageous to both GNOME and the OSS community as a whole.

Marcus Brubaker

You might be a gamer worship idols of Gary Gygax in your basement.

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