Compiling gnome-core 54 or 55 gives xpm errors


I have just installed Slackware 7 with disk sets A and D only (basic
commands and development stuff).  I have installed all of the required
libraries and stuff and after a compile error from gnome-core I installed
the xpm libraries which come to find out were included in the X set of
Slackware.  Well, to my disappointment, even after doing ldconfig and making
sure everything was in the path, etc, etc, and after removing config.cache
and ./configure again, the thing still would not compile.  Specifically, it
said that in undefined ref to Xpm???.  From looking at the
few lines above the error I did not see Xpm in the list of libraries to
include with so is it possible that whatever that lib is it is not being
told to link with the xpm lib?  I made sure the xpm.h file is where it
should be.  I even downloaded the xpm package from slackware and checked the
package scripts and made sure what I had matched up to what the slackware
package had and it did.    I was hoping that someone else on the list might
have done the same -- install bare slack and build it up from scratch -- who
might have run in to this before and might offer a suggestion.  Or I would
be open to anyone elses suggestions too :).  The imlib from enlightenment is
installed correctly and I even installed the gdk-pixmap thing that what I
here is a possible gnome replacement of imlib.  Nothing works and I am out
of ideas.  If there is any information you need just let me know and I will
provide it.  Thanks ahead for any  pointers.  and Merry Christmas.

Jason Alan Smith

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