Re: [Off Topic]Problem Starting X (Clueless Newbie)

On 20 Dec 99, Lizard had questions about [Off Topic]Problem 
Starting X (Clueless Newbie):  

> When I type 'startx' at my prompt, it hangs for a bit, then says
> something like 'error sitting lock in /home/lizard/.Xauthority',
> then it sort of launches X, sits at the grey background for a
> bit, then dies. I deleted the 'Xauthority' file, but it didn't
> help. 
> This all started after I tried to install Quake II, if that
> means anything to anyone. 
> As 'root', I can get into X just fine, so it's something in my
> main user account, but I'm not sure what I need to
> delete/edit/muck with. 

I'm new to RH6.x, GNOME, etc, but these are the two auth files from 
my home dir; did you delete them both?

-rw-------   1 arnold   arnold        278 Dec 16 16:40 .ICEauthority
-rw-------   1 arnold   arnold         99 Dec 16 16:40 .Xauthority

You could also boot your machine with "linux 5" at the boot prompt, 
which will boot up into xdm/gdm.  From there, you should be able to 
login as a normal user, and also pick a session from the menu (eg, 
gnome, kde, fvwm, etc).  If I were you, I'd play quake from a 
simple fvwm setup, rather than gnome/kde.

Just my $.02


Stephen L Arnold            
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